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Why you should register as TRF-Alumni on this website

Anybody who registers on this website and keeps her or his e-mail-address up-to-date, shall never ever loose contact to Rotary! Keeping your residential address up-to-date means also that you will never miss any invitation to alumni events near your place, to Rotary district's activities and national or international events like the Rotary International World Convention.

Anybody who registers on this website will have the opportunity to engage with local, regional, national or international activities of the TRF-alumni and Rotarians. This website offers state-of-the-art possibilities to communicate, network and start activities.

The most significant group which should attract your attention is the RFAD - the association of TRF-Alumni in Germany!

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Where your home is - the District

Forward to the district by mouse click!As soon as you register in this website, you become member of at least one district's action group, depending on the home address entered during registration. This makes it easier to secure that you receive the news on local and regional activities near your living place, and that you get easy access to TRF alumni living near your place.

Further on you should become member of the action group of that district who sponsored your foundation program. It is not only your sponsoring district, but also often enough the district in which you lived for a significant part of your life. This gives you the chance to stay in touch with Rotarians and other TRF Alumni in your original home district. .

TRF-Alumni living in foreign countries, but sponsored by German districts, and TRF-Alumni, sponsored by a foreign district, may like to become member of the action group Other Districts ...Read more >>

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Local Activities

The Rotarian Districts' Subchairs and RFAD from time to time hold local activities, sometime on a regular basis, in the different regions of their district - sorry to say, not in all districts. Dates and place of the events shall be notified in the districts' time table.
So far, on a regular basis meeting take place in (in alpabetical order))
- in Berlin,
- in Düsseldorf,
- in Frankfurt,
- in München and
- in Stuttgart.
Further more, the action groups Alumni Celebration ...

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Gruppen For GSE-Teams our website offers a special feature: for each district, it allows the creation of Groups resembling the GSE-Teams. The members of each single GSE-Team may form such a group in their respective sponsoring district. As long as all team members keep their contact details up to date, you may reach each team member by just one mail to the group.

If your GSE-Team is not yet website-technically established as a 'Group', please do not hesitate to contact your district's subchair or the webmaster! Please provide the following Information to uniquely identify the GSE-team:
sponsoring district, host District, year, host area/county (see example).

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Exchange of experience and ideas

This website also offers - for ambassadorial scholars as well as GSE team members - the unique opportunity to pass on own experience, as well as to profit from the experiences other program participants had. Every user is asked to post her/his report in the applicable Forum section.

This sections of our forum are still in a very early phase. Therefore we have one message for new program participants and one for alumni:

Message for new program participants: If you do not find a report on your hosting district in the forum, use the profile search function to identifiy alumni who had been there, and ask them for advise; and, you may also ask them to post their report in the forum. And: do not forget to post your report after you returned.

Message for alumni: if you do not start ...Read more >>

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Like to become more active?

Further options to become active are offered for those

  • who are interested in web-technology and want to contribute by updating and enhancing this webpage as well as other online activities of RFAD by joining the WEB AG,

  • who did or want to attend the Alumni Celebrations, those pre-convention events to the RI World Conventions by joining the action group Alumni Celebration,

  • who want to engage in pro bono activities, community and world community service by joining the action group Soziale Projekte,

  • who want to engage in fund raising for all the good projects of the Rotary Foundation and RFAD by joing the action group Fundraising ...Read more >>

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