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Welcome to the TRF Alumni in Germany !

We are former participants of programs of The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and invite everybody who had the same life changing experience as we had to join us here!

RFAD-MembersWe - the Rotary Foundation Alumni Deutschland - seek to reach, serve, and engage all participants of programs of The Rotary Foundation and foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the organization and its alumni. We want to keep you informed about Rotary International, the Rotary Foundation, the activities of your District as well as of local Rotary Club and especially our Alumni organization, its activities and its development. Those who are interested in the programs of The Rotary Foundation will find useful information here as well.

To take advantage of all features and benefits of this website, you need to log in. If you do not have valid log-in-data, you need to register.

We are looking forward to your ideas and suggestions for our future Alumni activities.

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News on RFAD

24. June 2013
Flyer for the RFAD Anniversary 2013In 1998, more than 100 alumni of the Rotary Foundation established the German Rotary foundation Alumni Association RFAD. Thus, in 2013 RFAD is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The celebration will take place in Berlin on the Weekend of September 20/21, 2013. Save the date!
Here you may download the invitation flyer for the 15th anniversary celebration of RFAD - the registration form for the celebration is available for download here.

13. April 2013
...

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News in the Districts

10. February 2012
The Alumni-Subchairs of District 1900 invite all Alumni in the District for a 1. Get Together in District 1900 on April 20, 2012 at 19:00 in Bochum. More on this you will find here (German language only).

9. February 2012
Alumni District Chair Michael Witzenhausen of District 1800 calls all Alumni of his district for the traditional meeting on Saturday before the easter weekend 2012. Details you will find here.

6. November 2011
Gruppenbild auf der MarienbrückeThe president of the TRF-Alumni association of Tokio, the Rotary Fellows Tokyo, Mr. Eijiro Tanaka gave us the honor of a visit on November 6, 2011 . His bigge ... Read more >>

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05. Oktober 2012
Heute ist die Oktober-Ausgabe der Reconnections veröffentlicht worden.

01. August 2012
Heute ist die August-Ausgabe der Reconnections veröffentlicht worden.

05. Juni 2012
Heute ist die Juni-Ausgabe der Reconnections veröffentlicht worden.

4. Mai 2012

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International News

04. April 2012
Today the April 2012 edition of Reconnections has been published.

10. February 2012
Today the February 2012 edition of Reconnections has been published.

21. January 2012
India is free of polioi!
Now it is official: for a year, in India no new polio case was reported, thus India is considered to be Polio free. Without the initiative of Rotary International and the so many hands on actions this would not have been possible. Also, RFAD made a small contribution to this success. A more detailed report in Economist in with the headline ... Read more >>

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News from the Website-Team

01. August 2011
Online again! We all worked hard on this, and hopefully the new provider will not disappoint ourselves.

27. June 2011
Our Server went off-line again. This time we wanted to take no further chances and agreed with our first line provider to terminate the agreement with the second line hosting provider. We moved the system to another hosting provider who guarantees a daily backup and other security features - but moving the system took some time - sorry.

28. April 2011
Our Server went offline for three weeks - sorry.

The appeal for a donation towards 'We help' Japan is presented prominently on front page.

The Quicklinks have been updated - at least.

16. 01 2011
The information for applications has been updated.

5. December 2010
Sinc 1. April 2010 we count our visitors. on December 5, 2010 we welcomed the 3.000 visit to our website. Thus, we decided to publish the counter herinafter. With your today's visit to our webs ... Read more >>

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